About the Thoughts in Me Project

Interpretations of artificial intelligence cognitive computing natural language understanding.

Colors are an easy visual method of demonstrating emotional categories without too much knowledge of the pallet. Red is anger, yellow is fear, purple is disgust, green is happiness, orange is surprise, and sadness is blue. This project is representing personal impressions, averages, and judgment of emotion. In the work, people label their emotions in the post by judging themselves. Cognitive artificial intelligence bases lexical usage to predict your emotion. And at the ultimate level judged by the viewing participants.

Artificial intelligence is on the waxing horizon of working for us, and not us working for it. It’s been given functions in several medical instances and is successfully deep learning. It’s been proven that social media posts can predict in some cases emotional enrichment, and passive or derogatory mental hygiene. Perhaps offering an opportunity for intervention or an incentive for emotional management and prosperity.

The job of comparing big data is difficult. Big data, is just that, big data. The analytical logistics and building relationship between relevant data are becoming more accurate and quicker. The interconnection of several data inlets such as; organic web crawling, pre-sorted data, and data-mining, with many more techniques established, make neuro-network pathways to artificial intelligence possible. As in an atmospheric metaphor, the cloud is stratified, constantly moving, and can only form and dissipate with exterior forces.